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 How You Can Pitch Like Yu Darvish


Yu Darvish has had a successful career despite some injury problems that may be related to inefficiencies in his pitching mechanics. We will leave that discussion for pitching mechanics experts and instead focus on what you can to pitch like a healthy Yu Darvish.


1. Vary Your Pitch Selection, And Speed

As a young pitcher, you may be inclined to try to get batters out by throwing as hard as you can. While a good fastball is important to any pitcher, the location of that fastball is even more vital to your success. In practice strive to hit locations and hit the corners of the plate. Varying the speed of your fastball and moving its location around is a sure way to improve your ability to get batters out.

Changing pitches is also important but does pose some challenges especially for the younger pitcher. Debate rages over what the right age is to start throwing curveballs and if they can cause injuries to young developing arms. If you are a young pitcher or work with young pitchers you need to keep this in mind. Even if not throwing curveballs you can employ two and four seamed fastballs and a changeup as does Darvish. The motion on the varied fastballs will not allow the hitter to lock in on you and a good changeup can make them look foolish as they swing and miss.

Make this the key to your pitching strategy. Keep the hitters guessing and off balance with a variety of pitches that you can get over the plate and you will be on your way to success on the mound.


2. Keep Your Cool Out There

No one likes to give up a home run or walk a batter in a tough situation. The worst thing you can do to compound that mistake is to get angry and let your emotions color your performance. Take a page from Yu Darvish’s book and practice taking deep breaths and remaining as calm as you can as you try to put that last play out of your mind and prepare for the next pitch.


3. Constantly Re-evaluate Your Performance

If you are playing at a level that affords you the luxury of studying tape of yourself then, by all means, do so with a critical eye. If not you can always get a friend or teammate to take some video with your cell phone. Look for things you may be doing that might tip batters off to what pitch you are going to throw. Watch for inconsistencies in your pitching delivery that might contribute to your missing your target on that last pitch.


If you want to pitch like Yu Darvish your best bet is to incorporate these factors that have led to his success. Maintain your composure and constantly strive to improve. Learn to mix up the speed, type, and location of your pitches which is his most defining characteristic as a pitcher. Good luck as you work on your pitching skills!




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